Xenical: End to Harassment of Obesity

Nov. 28, 2006 – Struggling with those stubborn pounds can be quite frustrating. Have you heard of Xenical? Xenical is a weight loss drug, developed by Roche. Unlike other drugs it works by non-absorption of dietary fat present in your meal. The non-absorbed dietary fat is then removed from the body through bowel movements, thereby sourcing weight loss. Weight Loss Drug, an online pharmacy comments, “Xenical is a like messiah for obese, who are harassed by their stubborn fat”.

Xenical with Orlistat as its active ingredient is available in the strength of 120mg. The dosage of Xenical is spread over three major meals. One pill of Xenical should be consumed along with each meal with a glassful of water. Your fat intake should not constitute more than 30% of your meal. It is recommended that you align your Xenical medication with multi-vitamin supplements, as fat-soluble vitamins and beta-carotene are also lost along with dietary fat.

A before hand consultation with your doctor is suggested when you think of taking aid of Xenical medication for weight loss. This approach can avert any future medical complication that might entrap you. Breast feeding mothers and pregnant women should abstain from usage of Xenical medication.

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