Xenical Working Proved Yet Again But Role Of Workout Is Not To Be Written Off

Dec. 18, 2006 – The latest proof of Xenical or Orlistat as a diet pill can be gauzed from the following statement made by a researcher. The earlier researches also held the same view but the significance of the latest finding is that, it reinstates the belief of many doctors and patients as a weight loss drug during the period when everyone has started questioning the usefulness of this diet pill. Significant

Jim Bates a senior member in research at Weight Loss Drug says “Xenical is quite a different drug. It acts differently than other diet pills available. It helps a patient excrete around one third of excess fat intake through normal bowel movement. When this diet pill is used in conjunction with exercises and controlled diet regimen one is able get a significant result.”

The notion given by Mr. Bates is that Xenical also known as Orlistat helps in removing excess fat consumption in the form of fats but it does not suppress appetite. While majority of the diet pills work in the way of suppressing appetite, this diet pill just helps a patient excrete excess fat. When excess deposition of fat does not take place one is able to spend earlier deposited fat in the body through exercises. This stored fat is broken up to give such a patient energy when he or she needs energy during a workout. Thus Xenical is diet pill that needs a patient to do extensive workouts to see its effect on having weight loss.

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