Xlibris Publishes “Daredevil Doyle”, A Pictorial Documentary Book

Nov. 15, 2006 – Growing up in an era when thrill-show daredevils were the equivalent of today’s rock ‘n’ roll stars, Charles Peter “Chuck” Doyle counted himself among the top celebrities wherever he went. His exciting daredevil and surprisingly mundane experiences as an iconic aviation legend are recounted in the new Xlibris pictorial documentary book, Daredevil Doyle, written by Kenneth P. Hornby.

A good number of photographs Doyle himself had collected over the years of his long death-defying exploits are interspersed with Hornby’s text. A Minnesotan himself like the subject of his book, Hornby shares a bond with Chuck Doyle – they both love aviation. Hornby started his love affair with planes as a boy of eight, by building and collecting model airplanes

While Doyle, as a child growing up in a suburb of Minneapolis, Minnesota, idolized aviation great Charles Lindbergh, little knowing that he himself would carve a career that would resemble Lindbergh’s. On August 1927, when he was only 11, Doyle first set his eyes on his hero after riding his bike through the countryside to get to the Minneapolis airport to get a glimpse of Lindbergh , who was touring the United States after his epic flight across the Atlantic Ocean earlier that May.

The only child of a plumber and a seamstress, Doyle early on had a fascination for anything mechanical that moved fast and loud. At age four, he saw a plane fly over their house on its way to what is now the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport. “I was all excited,” he recounts. That excitement led him on a path that led to a Hall of Fame slot in the Experimental Aircraft Association Warbirds of America and membership in the wonderfully named Ancient and Secret Order of Quiet Birdmen. Rare aircraft that Doyle had owned and flown decades ago are now in aviation museums around the country.

This book is the culmination of Doyle’s long involvement in things that fly and fascinate earthbound individuals who can share his experiences by reading Kenneth P. Hornby’s account.

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