XPress Gives Back To the Community During Festive Holiday Season

Dec. 26, 2006 – Amman, Jordan -(December 2006)- Aligned with its strong sense of social responsibility, XPress Telecommunications, Jordan’s exclusive iDEN provider of wireless and mobile technology is celebrating this year’s holiday seasons by launching a charity initiative targeting less fortunate families in the AlGhor area.

This initiative stems directly from XPress’s belief in giving back to the very communities that had supported its growth and its advancement over the years. Acting on this belief, XPress Telecommunications’ social committee members distributed food parcels to needy families in the AlGhor area, to help them get through during this harsh winter season.

Commenting on this iniative CEO of XPress Telecommunications Mr. Marwan Juma said, ”We at XPress truly believe in our duty to giving back to the community, and the welfare of the less fortunate families of Jordan is one of our main concerns. Our charity initiatives are just as important and one of our top priorities, it is our way of saying that XPress is with you through good and bad times”.

From their end, XPress Social Committee Members added that this charity iniative is the least they could do for their community. “During this festive season families like to enjoy good food and good times with relatives and loved ones. And during such harsh weather conditions this winter season, and food being scarce for the less fortunate, what better way to put a smile on someone’s face.”

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