Ye Old Art Shoppe to Offer Paintings From Photographs at Reasonable Prices!

Nov. 26, 2006 – MELBOURNE, FLORIDA, November 26, 2006 – Ye Old Art Shoppe. The portrait of the Mona Lisa as painted by Leonardo de Vinci is one of the world’s most beautiful and recognizable artistic paintings. Leonardo didn’t paint this classic work of art from a photograph but he could have if he’d been born about 350 years later. Now portrait art, once the domain of kings and the wealthy can be afforded by anyone.

What could be a better gift idea than having a loved one’s treasured memory transferred to a handmade, oil paint on canvas, painting made from your photographs and according to your instructions? Imagine, any figure, or number of figures; human, pet or animal can be included. Any background you have as a photograph may also be used. The painting would be according to your instructions and done to your satisfaction. Imagine the look on your loved one’s face when he or she unwraps such a present. Handmade oil paintings from photos make great anniversary and wedding gifts, and are perfect for Valentine’s Day, birthdays and as Christmas presents too.

There are other lesser ways of making a painting from a photograph such as a special computer printer into which the photo is scanned in one end and an imitation oil-like painting is spit out from the other. There are also some painters, who will apply some oil paint directly onto your photo in an attempt to make it look like an oil painting. But accept no lesser imitations! Nothing satisfies the soul like true human created art. Oil on canvas applied by human hands is the only true way to create a treasure worth keeping forever. So remember to turn your favorite photos to paintings when your favorite loved one’s birthday, anniversary, wedding or any other gift-giving occasion such as Christmas or Valentine’s Day comes around.

Ye Old Art Shoppe ( now offers beautiful paintings from photographs using only high quality materials at prices starting at only $100 for a 5”X7” portrait of a single figure with larger sizes and additional figures available. Additionally for a very limited time Ye Old Art Shoppe is seeking additional samples of paintings from photographs for promotional purposes. So we are offer our customers in the continental United States the opportunity to sign a release to let us use their original photograph(s) and a photograph of their finished painting for purposes. In exchange for this opportunity Ye Old Art Shoppe will refund the customer’s shipping charges upon receipt of the completed release form. Full details of this offer are on our website:

Ye Old Art Shoppe also offers a fine selection of paintings, sculpture, unique art, decorations and imaginative gifts from around the world.

Ye Old Art Shoppe is located in Melbourne, Florida and may be reached via the World Wide Web for detailed information regarding having a portrait painted from your photographs.

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