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Nov. 29, 2006 – news release news release news release news release news release

November 29, 2006

YELL.COM UNVEILS MAJOR REDESIGN, the UK’s local search engine, has announced a raft of major developments in its mapping, search and site content capabilities as part of a wide-ranging redesign. The new site significantly enhances the search experience, returning a range of options alongside initial search results. now offers:
• the UK’s first application of a wide range of local information on one map,
• new search technology with intuitive techniques to pinpoint the businesses users require,
• assistance in the purchase process with links to online stores.

Eddie Cheng, president of, said “ now provides important information over and above a simple business listing to deliver results full of insightful local data you might need when looking for a business. These new enhancements are part of our programme of continuous development to combine richer content and intelligent search, meeting the growing expectations of Internet users.”

Significantly enhanced mapping allows users to plot a selection of local information onto any chosen location within the UK. has combined key data a person may need when visiting a shop, such as cashpoints, parking, speed cameras en route. can now provide all of this relevant local data before people leave the house.

Other local information includes the location of live traffic alerts, Wi-Fi hotspots, stations (including the Underground in London), Central London bus stops and taxi ranks, London River Services stops, Croydon Tramlink stops, disabled parking, motorbike and car parking which can all be displayed on a map, cross-referenced against any chosen business listing . is the first UK site to bring all of this data together in one place, putting it at the forefront of online mapping services in the UK.

The new Search is distinct from search engines and local data sites as it combines’s expertise in classifying businesses with the flexibility of keyword search, by matching content contained within advertiser’s websites. Users can now search by product, service or brand, for example a search for ‘ipod’ will prioritise websites to bring up listings of local stores where you can purchase the product. However it will also present links to’s new shopping and price comparison service, as some people prefer to research prices and buy online. has developed a thesaurus of around 50,000 product, service and brand terms and uses this to understand the relationships between concepts, e.g. a search for ‘pubs’ will also look for ‘bars’ and ‘taverns’. This intelligent search aids ease of use and can deliver exact results in just one search.

These developments are part of the continuous improvement of the site which moves away from simply an online directory, towards a highly compelling destination for trusted information on products, shops and services across the UK – either in your local area, nationwide or from a web-based supplier.

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Launched in 1996, is a leading local search engine and major online advertising medium for UK businesses. provides users with a direct route to finding a business or service online using keyword, type of business, or company name and location as search criteria. Users can review relevant search results and quickly determine the right business for their needs.’s database of around two million UK business listings including 182,000 searchable advertisers (September 2006) can be accessed via the web site ( and mobile channels including JAVA™ and WAP services. A shorter version of the information within key classifications is also available via text messaging on 80248. provides several useful features such as zoom-enabled maps with directions, closest car parks and a personal address book facility to keep a record of regularly used businesses.

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