You Don’t Need Good Credit To Own Your Own Home!!!

Dec. 31, 2006 – 620 or better, maybe 595 or better……There are a lot of myths out there concerning what your credit score needs to be to get a mortgage for a home. Pretty Michigan Homes, a Michigan-based real estate investment firm takes the guess work out of owning your own home.

Insted of having to “qualify” for a mortgage with a minimum credit score, Pretty Michigan Homes helps Americans with bruised or no credit move towards homeownership utilizing a lease-option program. If a potential tenant-buyer can raise a decent down payment, usually 3%, and can afford a reasonable monthly payment, they place their clients into the home for a predetermined amount of time, while they coach the tenant buyer on raising their credit score. Pretty Michigan Homes even has a separate credit restoration department, which can get a persons credit score 70-100 points higher within 12 months.

“Our main goal is to set our clients up for success, by placing them in a home with a payment that will be similar to what their mortgage payment will be, once we get them qualified” says Dylan Tanaka, president and founder of Pretty Michigan Homes. While in the lease-option phase, the tenant buyer will be taught the benefits of home ownership. Such as the tax benefits and equity build up.

With the majority of Americans being unable to qualify for a conventional mortgage, Pretty Michigan Homes offers a solution for Americans that are ready to take the step towards the American Dream.

You can contact Pretty Michigan Homes main office line at (586)203-8333. You can also view their full inventory of homes at For information via e-mail:


Dylan Tanaka
Pretty Michigan Homes

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