Young Entrepreneur Trying to Fund His Startup by Trading Up Items

This 26 year old built a website where people can advise and follow him on his journey to trade up to one million dollars, in order to fund his startup.

Antwerp, Belgium, July 27, 2015 –(– The idea originates from sweet childhood memories. He and some friends would go out on a trade journey, where you start off with an apple, and go from door to door around the neighbourhood to trade it for something better, usually candy. Since candy doesn’t cut it anymore in the grown-up world, he figured he should expand his neighbourhood to the world, and see where he ends up.

“Intrigued by the idea of trading, going back to our roots and reintroducing trading could be a nice change of things, in a world where everything revolves around money,” said Ben Van Beek, founder of The goal is to fund his startup to build a platform where setting up a trade is very easy and fun in the process. Whether it’s for one simple trade or for a trade journey, going from place to place, trading items and meeting new people, that’s what the platform aims to achieve.

“I’m trading up, starting from one dollar to one million dollars to see whether it’s even possible, and to discover just how powerful trading can be. It’s a kind of research for how trading can be used, and to see if enough people are interested in the idea of trading,” said Ben. He also explains how he came up with the logo of his website, and the starting trade item. “To keep it light, I’ve referenced Dr. Evil’s ‘One Million Dollars’ quote (with the pinky). So what better item than my Austin Powers DVD, to start off my journey.”
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Ben Van Beek
+32 474 89 79 51