‘Young Lovers’ rising indie fashion label – 2007 “Eat Your Eyes” collection launch

Dec. 1, 2006 – YOUNG LOVERS: New t-shirts want you. Eat your eyes.


The latest collection from indie street label Young Lovers can be likened to ripping your eyes out of your head and eating them.

In other words… it’s a bold move and shockingly graphic, but also strangely tasty.

Young Lovers is the brainchild indie street fashion label of twenty-something design maverick Luke Nuto. From a famous mouse found dead in his basement to a diamond filled hamburger, Luke’s designs in the new range exist in a world of absurdist non-reality.

Unlike other labels that merely pay lip-service to individuality, Young Lovers is truly dedicated to doing things differently and creating designs that scream of individuality and recklessness without resorting to cliché or tired imagery.

Doing nothing by half-measures, every Young Lovers tee uses the softest, premium cotton and features details like flock labeling, and unique fabric washes, all of which can be seen at the Young Lovers website: http://www.younglovers.com.au
Young Lovers combine these garment details and unique fabrication with limited edition gold sticker labeling – Every Young Lovers garment is produced in exclusively limited quantities of 100.

Taking cues from early 90’s daytime television, and music influence ranging from the Lemonheads, to Ratatat and the Grates, the new twisted Young Lovers collection has literally exploded with bold bright contrasting colours and high impact prints that will punch your lights out.

“We are undistinguished gentlemen, the gum on your favourite sneakers, and the heartbeat of the pavement. We are Young Lovers and we will never die!”

One thing’s for sure, the new range is sure to rattle some bones.

You can see why ‘Young Lovers Never Die’ at http://www.younglovers.com.au
Press kit with hi-res photos is available from : http://www.younglovers.com.au/presskit

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