Your Design On Any Object. Our New Revolutionary Process is not Your Father’s Sublimation

Nov. 10, 2006 – One of a Kind

Is custom paint too expensive? Have a high resolution design that would look great but can’t find anyone to apply it? Designs Infused, using a revolutionary process, can take any design you can create and apply it to your object. This is not your Father’s sublimation. Sublimation uses paper as the transfer medium. Well just try taking paper and wrapping something interesting like a carburetor. The wrinkles and folds that are created in the paper will transfer along the design. We don’t do wrinkles. Your design will be seamlessly applied and flow over your object like it was applied by magic. Give us a call, we are always happy to explain how we can transform the boring into the truly spectacular.

Interior Designers and Architects

Do you have a client that requires a one-of-a-kind creation? Designs Infused can apply any design to porcelain and metal fixtures with stunning results. Imagine a kitchen sink, faucet and all of the cabinetry hardware in a unique pattern designed just for your client that no one else in the world will have. Bathrooms for children using their own drawings applied to their fixtures. The applications are endless and the result is a showpiece that is sure to impress.

OEM Processing

Using “Designs Infused” for applications which would normally require custom paint or in-mould offers you the ability to design in a process which will make your products stand out. With low or no start up fees and a piece price that competes, you will be offering a solution that works. Additional benefits are this is a long lasting, very durable finish.

Current products can receive a “Make over” that will put them way ahead of the competition. A current customer was only able to offer a single color anodize or powder coat on their products. Now they can have any design they can create applied for only a small up charge.

Small runs or large this process will take your product to a level you never though possible. For more information about our company or process please visit

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