Your Post Holiday Blues Equal Big Business For The Bankruptcy And Refinancing Industries.

Dec. 13, 2006 – Chicago, IL December 14, 2006. Edward Sanchez a Debt Reduction Specialist and co-founder of explains why “The start of the year is a very delicate time for the average consumer. The months following the New Year have all of the stress and havoc of the holidays without the parties, presents, and shopping to distract us from our financial worries.

Excessive holiday spending and the upcoming tax refunds make the start of every year the beginning of the bankruptcy filing season. We are acutely aware of this and are taking every effort to get in front the bankruptcy wave. We want to provide the tools and education that will give consumers the best opportunity to start the New Year prepared to rebuild financially after a busy holiday season.”

Tell us about the free coaching. “A free coaching session is available to every person that purchases our program this holiday season. Our software and program materials are basic and very easy to use. We are supplementing these tools with coaching which is personalized to the user and designed to maximize success with our program.”

For those that aren’t familiar with Fresh Start Forms; tell us about your Debt Reduction Program. “Thank you for asking, there are two key elements to living debt free. The first is breaking out of the debt cycle. Our program is made of simple systems designed to recognize, break, and reverse poor consumer habits.

The second element to living debt free is paying down debt. Our software makes paying down debt the simplest it’s ever been. By using our program and adding just $1 per month towards paying down your bills, you are likely to take more than 15 years off of your mortgage and save thousands. Additionally, our software generates a personalized payment calendar. It literally takes the guess work out of paying down bills.

The most exciting results come when you are able to combine the skills in our program with our software. Reaching your debt free date comes much faster and saves the consumer thousands more.”

At Fresh Start Forms we’re teaching you how to live debt free.

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