Zane Benefits Featured on Marketwatch

Marketwatch, a Dow Jones website that tracks the pulse of markets for business news, analysis, and stock market data, featured, “Say goodbye to employer-provided health insurance” on March, 17, 2015, by Richard Eisenberg.
In the article, Zane Benefits CEO Rick Lindquist further describes the shift from traditional health insurance toward defined contribution. Lindquist speaks to the revolutionary way that small businesses and employees can profit from healthcare reform while helping employees get better, cheaper, and safer health insurance, tailored to their specific needs, and portable in the event of employer separation.
“We are in the throes of a massive, nationwide modification to traditional health insurance,” Lindquist asserts. “People categorize this as employers dumping health insurance. Yes, they stop offering insurance but they don’t stop offering benefits. They’re simply changing the method in which they provide benefits and replacing them with defined-contribution plans. It will save millions of dollars for employees and employers,” confirms Lindquist.
The article discusses why this ubiquitous paradigm shift is taking place, illustrating how healthcare costs for businesses have been growing faster than any other employee cost since the early 2000s. As these costs have been overwhelming for employers, they’ve had few options other than transferring expensive deductibles, higher copays and premiums to their employees. According to Lindquist, “it’s a broken system; one that is clearly unsustainable. The solution going forward is defined-contribution plans.”
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EDITORS NOTE: Rick Lindquist is available for questions from the media through Zane Benefits. Contact Leah Bergersen at 435-659-2921 or leah.bergersen(at)zanebenefits(dot)com
About the Authors:
Paul Zane Pilzer is The New York Times best-selling author of 11 books, a former professor at NYU, and has served as an economist in two White House administrations. He is also the founder of six companies including the two largest U.S. suppliers of personalized employee health benefits, Extend Health (1999) and Zane Benefits (2006).
Rick Lindquist is CEO and President of Zane Benefits, Inc., the U.S. leader in individual health insurance reimbursement for small businesses. Zane Benefits’ software has been featured on the front page of The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, and The New York Times. He is a regular contributor to leading health benefits publications, including
About the Book:
The #1 Amazon best-selling The End of Employer-Provided Health Insurance is a comprehensive guide to utilizing new individual health plans to save 20 to 60 percent on health insurance. Over the next 10 years, 100 million Americans will move from employer-provided to individually purchased health insurance. Written by a world-renowned economist and New York Times best-selling author, this insightful guide explains how individual health insurance offers more to employees than employer-provided plans.
The End of Employer-Provided Health Insurance: Why It’s Good for You, Your Family, and Your Company (Wiley, 2014, ISBN: 978-1-119-01211-5, $25.00) is available at bookstores nationwide, from major online booksellers, and direct from the publisher by calling 800-225-5945. In Canada, call 800-567-4797. For more information, please visit the book’s page on
About Zane Benefits:
Zane Benefits is the leader in individual health insurance reimbursement for small businesses. Since 2006, Zane Benefits has been on a mission to bring the benefits of individual health insurance to business owners and their employees.
Zane Benefits’ software helps businesses reimburse employees for individual health insurance plans for annual savings of 20 to 60 percent compared with traditional employer-provided health insurance. Today, over 20,000 customers use Zane Benefits’ software, services, and support to reimburse individual health insurance plans purchased independent of employment. For more information visit