Zane Benefits Releases New eBook: “10 Budget Pitfalls of Small Business Health Insurance”

Zane Benefits, the leader in individual health insurance reimbursement for small businesses, announced a new eBook, “10 Budget Pitfalls of Small Business Health Insurance.”
According to the eBook, the primary challenge small businesses face with offering health insurance is cost. Health benefits are crucial to a company’s recruiting and retention strategy. Employment is frequently abandoned in favor of an attractive healthcare benefits package through a competing employer. Budgeting for health insurance is a considerable challenge and with the wrong approach, it can be unstable, expensive, and restrictive.
Small businesses can avoid common budgeting mistakes by taking control of their healthcare budget. By adopting individual health insurance and a premium reimbursement plan, companies can determine the defined contribution that is most cost effective for them.
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About Zane Benefits:
Zane Benefits is the leader in individual health insurance reimbursement for small businesses. Since 2006, Zane Benefits has been on a mission to bring the benefits of individual health insurance to business owners and their employees.
Zane Benefits’ software helps businesses reimburse employees for individual health insurance plans for annual savings of 20 to 60 percent compared with traditional employer-provided health insurance. Today, over 20,000 customers use Zane Benefits’ software, services, and support to reimburse individual health insurance plans purchased independent of employment. For more information visit