Zchex Offers Range of Financial Services to Boost Global Economic Growth

Throughout its eleven years of experience as a leader in the field of alternative processing solutions, Zchex Inc. has offered a wide range of services that promote global financial inclusion and economic growth. Towards that end, Zchex is currently specializing primarily on high-risk credit card processing, check processing and prepaid card programs. The company has recently launched a new international card payout program that enables clients to disburse funds quickly and securely to a payee’s credit card.
According to a recent World Bank report (http://bit.ly/1k7we3G), 56% of adults worldwide are currently unbanked or underbanked and an estimated 2.5 billion people lack a formal bank account. Historically, this segment of the population has been forced to operate on a cash-only basis due to a shortage of non-traditional banking products available to meet their specific needs. With the advent of the Internet and mobile technology, however, these individuals are increasingly making use of money transfers, online shopping and other alternative financial services.
“By making use of our innovative processing solutions, people who have previously never had access to a payment card can now enjoy the freedom, security and flexibility that a prepaid card brings,” says Farhan Khan, President and CEO of Zchex Inc. “With our prepaid credit cards, users can avoid reliance on cash-based payments, gain entry to financial services and enjoy a more convenient and secure alternative to cash.”
Zchex is at the forefront of innovation in developing new, unconventional banking models and programs to service the huge proportion of unbanked and underbanked communities around the globe. By creating opportunities for this segment of society to attain financial inclusion in the world economy, Zchex Inc. is working to foster global financial development and economic growth the world over.
For more information about Zchex Incorporated, visit the company’s new and updated website at http://www.zchex.com, call 800-687-6105 or email info(at)zchex(dot)com.
About Zchex Incorporated
Zchex Inc. is a ground-breaking global e-commerce company that provides a complete front-end solution to both online and offline businesses necessitating stable processing services, including high-risk credit card processing, check processing and prepaid debit card and virtual card programs. With its headquarters in Montreal, Quebec, Zchex Inc. offer a diverse range of additional payment services, including ACH, Check21 and credit card processing.