ZIMULTI Acomplia Studies

Dec. 22, 2006 – Which studies have been carried out on ZIMULTI?

The ZIMULTI effects have been analyze to you in models experience them before being study to you on the human beings. They have been carried out four studies on ZIMULTI in patients in overweight and obese, for a total more than 6 600 patients, whose weight at the beginnig of the studies was in average between 94 and 104 kg. a study an other to the patients with diabetes of type 2 is interested in particular to the patients with abnormal levels of fat person of the blood and. The studies have compared the effect of ZIMULTI with that one of a placebo (fictitious treatment) on loss of weight in the course of a period comprised between one and two years. A study also has observed in that way the loss could be maintained during according to year. Sono inotre be lead four studies on ZIMULTI, confronted with placebo, which aid in order to stop to smoke on beyond 7 000 patients and measuring the effects of the somministrazione of the medicinal one for 10 weeks (a year in one of the studies) on the abandonment of the smoke and the fallen back ones in the successive year.

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