Zimulti Treatment Online

Dec. 13, 2006 – Which thing is ZIMULTI?

ZIMULTI is constituted from compressed to tear shape, of color white man, containing the active principle rimonabant.

For that what uses ZIMULTI?

ZIMULTI is used together to the diet and the physical exercise for the treatment of adult patients: • that they are obese (a lot in overweight) and with an index of advanced or equal corporea mass to 30 kg/m2; • or that they are in overweight (with an index of advanced or equal corporea mass to 27 kg/m2) and in presence of risk factor (i), which diabetes of type 2 or dislipidemia (abnormal levels of fat person in the blood). The medicinal one can be only obtained with medical prescription.

How is used ZIMULTI?

Compressing of ZIMULTI to the day is assumed, to mattino before breakfast the patients they must also follow one diet with little calories and increase their level of physical activity. The medicinal one does not have to be used from the patients with serious problems of the liver or kidneys.
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